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On-Line Blood Pressure Submission

If you have access to a blood pressure machine, and would like to submit your readings to us, we will record this on your medical records.

We would recommend a BP machine with an arm cuff, not a wrist one, these can purchased from a chemist and are relatively cheap. 

How to take and record your Blood Pressure Readings

  1. It is important to take your blood pressure when you are seated and not talking.

  2. Rest for 5 minutes and take 2 readings at least a few minutes apart.

  3. The Lower in value of the two readings should be noted. 

  4. Please document the systolic reading (upper reading) and the diastolic reading (lower reading), as well as the pulse/heart rate.  

  5. Please use our eConsult to send us your BP readings. A clinician will review your readings & if there are any concerns we will contact you within a 24 hour period. 

What is Normal: Less than:

  • 140/90 - if you have no medical problems

  • 135/85 - if you have medical conditions (like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease or diabetes)

If High: Take further readings on different days over two weeks until you have at least 4 readings. If at least half of these are high then we may have to make amendments to your medication. 

If Normal: Continue to monitor your blood pressure every year if you do not have medical problems or at least six monthly if you have a medical condition. 

If Low: As long as you have no symptoms (dizziness) then this is not a problem. 

Please ensure that all the information boxes below are completed in full. Please click here or the banner below to submit your BP readings. 

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