Care Plan (CMC) 

Patients of Carepoint Practice have access to Co-Ordinate My Care (CMC), an online tool to help you create a personalised Care Plan. 


A CMC is a plan where you express your personal wishes about your care and who to contact in an emergency, so that the NHS can coordinate care around you. You may want to express your wishes about what care you receive in an emergency and this tool will enable everyone to understand and respect your wishes.  


You may like to print off the leaflet attached so you can read through it and discuss it with your family before you get started.


It not only helps us as your GP, but also helps other NHS organisations such as Urgent Care services (A&E / 111 / ambulance services) who would need access to this information if (and only when) you were to access their services. 

If you have been identified by your GP as someone who might benefit from having an Urgent Care Plan, please go to the following link and complete the questionnaire  For more information about Coordinate My Care you can access a step-by-step guide on our website at Click on the myCMC tab and then look for the purple button which reads ‘View step-by-step guide’.

Once you have filled out your questionnaire, press the submit button and your plan will be sent to us. A clinician (healthcare assistance / nurse / GP / community practitioner) will contact you to go through your plan and add any extra information (about your conditions and medication) we have on record for you.

Once we approve your CMC plan, it will be immediately available for all the urgent care services to view when they need to, even when we are closed. This includes 111, out of hour GPs, the ambulance service & all the Emergency Departments across London.