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Hillingdon Integrated Sexual Health service during the COVID-19 pandemic


Patients contacting the service are being triaged using a telephone consultation and we have limited face to face contact for urgent cases only.


Patients should contact our booking centre on 020 8453 2751/2 from Monday to Friday 08:30 to 4:00. They will be contacted by a clinician and managed accordingly, with those urgent cases being prioritised.


Individuals with no symptoms, with vaginal discharge and who are contacts of STIs can obtain a testing kit on line at This is a free and confidential service, available for Hillingdon residents over 18

Patients seeking oral Emergency Contraception can also access this via

Contraception Services

The practice offers family planning advice and can initiate oral contraception. These patients will need to have a regular review of blood pressure, and annually once stable. If they request a prescription and have not been seen for their check only one month supply will be given until we get this information.

All Family Planning and sexual health services in Hillingdon are provided by the Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Service (ISRH)


Hesa Primary Care Centre, 52 Station Road, Hayes, UB3 4DS

The Oaklands Medical Centre, 32 Parkway, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, UB10 9JX














Services provided:

Sexual health

  • Sexual health information and advice

  • Testing and treatment for STIs

  • Hepatitis B vaccination

  • HPV vaccine for MSM (men who have sex with men)

  • Post exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure (PEPSE) to prevent HIV


  • Male condoms

  • Emergency contraception

  • Oral contraception (combined and progestogen-only pills)

  • Injectable contraception

  • Implants

  • Contraceptive patches

  • IUDs and IUSs (intra-uterine contraception)

  • Diaphragm

  • Pregnancy testing

Implants, IUDs and IUSs

There are dedicated clinics, by appointment, for contraceptive implant removals/exchanges, IUD and IUS insertions and problems, natural family planning and contraceptive advice for women with medical problems.

Services for young people - 20s and under

There are walk-in (no appointment necessary) sexual health (STI) sessions for 20s and under on Monday afternoons and walk-in contraception sessions for 20s and under on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Appointments and enquiries

Please telephone 020 8453 2751 for sexual health or contraception appointments or email to arrange a sexual health appointment or email for a contraception clinic appointment.

Book Online

You can now book online appointments for these sexual health clinics at the Hesa Primary Care Centre, Hayes.

Abortion, Vasectomy & Counselling

Patients are able to self refer to Marie Stopes for an abortion or counselling (Vasectomies will require referral). Their advice line is open 24 hours a day on 0345 300 8090 - Alternatively you are able to visit their website for more information on 

You can also visit the MSI choices website on This is a free service in Hillingdon and does not require a GP Referral (MSI Choices Hillingdon Abortion Clinic (Community Treatment Centre)

Oakland Medical Centre, 32 Parkway, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, UB10 9JX)

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