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Learning Disabilities​ 

Community ConneX

  • -Together ConneX

    • -A fun, flexible and fulfilling service for adults 18 + with learning disabilities, autism, additional needs, and their families.

    • -Based around the Harrow/Pinner area.

    • -They have three main programmes:

      • 1. Live Well – health & wellbeing activities;

      • 2. Hang Out – social opportunities, short trips away & day breaks;

      • 3. Skill Up – life and employment skills. Activities include cooking, art, music, dance, swimming, sailing in the summer, exploring parks, picnics, going to the cinema and are facilitated from their bases and out and about too.

    • -Facilitate clients on a daily basis, they don’t facilitate drop in sessions.

    • -Daily price ranges are: A) Medium rate = £101.45; B) High 1-1 rate = £158.10.

    • -Anyone interested in using this service is welcome to contact them and visit their Centre at Pinner Green.   

    • -Website: Together Connex - Community ConneX

    • -Please find Flyer attached.

  • -Care ConneX

    • -A CQC-registered domiciliary care agency and supported living service.

    • -This service provides home support, floating support and outreach support.

    • -They can help with a range of things including personal care and engaging in activities in the community.

    • -The cost for using this service is: Weekdays = £18.80 per hour; Weekends = £20.80 per hour.

    • -Website: Care ConneX - Community ConneX

  • -People ConneX

    • -This is a service ran by a gentleman called Jeremy Child.

    • -Aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation by holding events, social activities and volunteering opportunities for anyone to join.

    • -Open to the whole community.

    • -They hold regular events. Walks cost £5, walk + lunch cost £10 & a walk + 3 course lunch costs £25.  

    • -Website: People ConneX - Community ConneX

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