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Medication - Prescriptions

Patients to Request Medication from GPs Directly (not via Pharmacies)

The CCG has asked all GP practices to take over managing prescription requests from Pharmacies. They believe that overall it will reduce waste and save a worthwhile amount of money for the NHS.  They believe that patients should be in control of requesting their repeat medicine(s). Pharmacies requesting repeat prescriptions on patients’ behalf can result in waste, when medicines are requested that the patient will not take or is not running out of. The person who knows best about which medicines are required or running out is the person taking the medicines (or their carer). They think that if people request their own repeat prescriptions, it will help to reduce waste.


​We will continue to work with pharmacies to order medication on your behalf where you fall into a vulnerable group, such as if you have Learning Disabilities, Mental Health conditions, Dementia, or are unable to access any means of ordering your own medication. If you feel that you do fall under one of these groups, download and complete this form and return it to your chosen pharmacy.

For further information please click here


Requesting Medication

You can order via Patient Access  or via email ( We are currently not accepting hand in prescriptions. (For elderly / vulnerable patients please call on 01923820866).

Repeat Medication

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours (two working days) for all repeat prescription requests to be completed including urgent requests. To allow us to answer any questions that may arise from your request in a timely manner and reduce the chances of you not receiving your medication, we suggest you make requests five days before you run out of medication.  If the item is requested early please provide a reason.  If you have run out of medication you can speak to your pharmacy to see if they are able to issue an emergency supply.


Repeat Dispensing

Once we have completed an annual review (blood tests and blood pressure levels), we can for many drugs place them on a system called Repeat Dispensing (RD). This means that on your first request after an annual review we shall send a years supply of prescriptions to your pharmacy. During this time you do not need to request the medication (if you do we shall inform you that your medication is on RD) and you can simply go to your chosen pharmacy where they will be able to dispense the medication. When they advise you that you are now receiving your last RD, you should request your medication direct from Carepoint on the following occassion.


New or One-Off Prescriptions not under Repeat 

If the item is not a routine repeat request please give a reason for your request, otherwise there may be a delay whilst we try and contact you.


Over The Counter Products - Guidance from NHS-England

NHS England have produced national guidance (download) with regards to the management of self limiting conditions that either do not require treatment or for which a patient does not need to seek medical advice and can manage the condition by purchasing over the counter (OTC) items directly. 

Patient leaflet regarding NHS over the counter product changes  

Medication issued by a Third Party (eg. Consultant from an outpatient appointment, in AE, or post surgery)

Medication prescribed by a Hospital or Private Consultant must be collected directly from their hospital Pharmacy using the Prescription given – high street pharmacies are unable to dispense such prescriptions. We can usually take over the prescribing of most medications after we have received a letter from your specialist (normally after one month), but at the very minimum of two weeks of medication should be given to you whilst your medication is being added to your medical record.  We will not automatically issue this medication and nor are we able to contact every patient who has a medication added or changed by a specialist. Instead, we require you to request the medication from us at which point we can confirm that you understand the need for it, how to take it and what to do if you have any problems. Download the full BMA guidance here.


Electronic Prescribing (EPS)

We and our pharmacy colleagues strongly advise you to set up Electronic prescribing so that your prescriptions are sent like an email directly to your pharmacy of choice – this greatly speeds up the process to make sure you get your prescription on time. It also means prescriptions cannot be lost. If you would like this service initiated please note the name and address of the Pharmacy on your request, alternatively you can ask your pharmacy to set this up on your behalf. You don't need a computer to use EPS and can change your nomination or cancel it and get a paper prescription.

Diabetic Medicines Management 

Following guidance from Medicines Management at Hillingdon. We are transferring all patients on Metformin to Sukkarto SR & Yaltormin SR. Please see the following letter. 

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