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Travel Clinic

Please note that we only offer certain travel vaccinations (listed below) that are covered by the NHS. For provision of alternate vaccinations, you will need to seek travel advice from another service, often available at Pharmacies, to determine which vaccinations you require.

Travel Vaccines available on the NHS

□ Diphtheria, polio and tetanus (combined booster)                                               

□ Cholera

□ Hepatitis A 

□ Typhoid


If you are travelling and need a travel vaccination

  • Click here to fill out a travel form on our Online Questionnaire.

    Please fill out a separate form for each registered patient

















Once you have submitted the form, we will review the form and then contact you back to arrange the next available appointment for the required vaccinations to be administered. If the next available appointment is not soon enough for your travel needs, or if we do not have the vaccination in stock, then you will need to pay for the injections at the Travel Service, often available at Pharmacies.


Please note: The GP must receive the completed form at least 4 weeks before your trip to ensure you can be seen and fully immunised before you travel. We may not be able to vaccinate you if forms are returned outside of this time frame and you may therefore have to have them done privately. 

If you are unable to give sufficient notice, we regret we will not be able to accommodate your request. You will need to seek travel advice from another service, often available at Pharmacies.

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